Sunday, April 12, 2009

Things I swore I would never do....

BEFORE I had kids there were several things that I swore I would never do...
  • Let my kids sleep in my bed
  • Give them candy before they were 1
  • Give them too many toys
  • Let them watch TV
  • Not make them sit in their highchair at dinner
  • Give them pop

AFTER I had kids reality hit-
  • Let my kids sleep in my bed- There is just something to be said for this sweet little person snuggled up next to you- and plus if your a paranoid parent like me and sure that the house could burst into flames at any given moment you don't have to worry about getting to their room through the raging inferno.
  • Give them candy before they were 1- But how can you tell such a cute little face no? Although we ALWAYS do brush teeth!
  • Give them too many toys- Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, and a mom who has trouble avoiding the toy clearance isle need I say more.
  • Let them watch TV- Nothing will get you an extra half an hour of rest better than propping up you little one in front of an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Not make them sit in their highchair at dinner- It's a nice thought... but easier said than done especially at the restaurant when the child LOUDLY protests- I mean really who wants to fight that in front of dozens of glaring eyes that silently yell - "I don't care what you do but just keep that kid quiet!
  • Give them pop- We don't drink pop much at our house other than the rare occasion so this one isn't too hard... Well for the most part - but there are times that call for desperate measures and if a pop keeps him still for grandma the world won't end!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Your post really rings true with me! There are so many self-imposed "rules" I've broken with my son.

Kestrel said...

Oh goodness, that picture is so funny! My son (19 months) is in love with Diet Coke. I think it's because it was the only thing I didn't puke up when I was pregnant with him.