Thursday, April 30, 2009

Strengthening the Family- Part 4 Traditions

Traditions are funny things. They creep up on you from nowhere and before you know it they are stuck to you like superglue....

I don't remember when my parents first lined us up on the stairs for pictures early Christmas morning but even now decades later despite the inevitable protest we all end up on the stairs squished closer together each year as the family grows to take our annual picture.

I doubt my in-laws knew when they first took their little kids to "our favorite lake" back in the 70's that their son would still be taking his family (as well as a menagerie of assorted family and friends) there every memorial day 30 years later.

Not all traditions are big but they all have meaning and lasting impact. Even as a grown man my husband still looks forward to the cinnamon rolls his mom makes for every Sunday morning General conference session.

More and more as I find my own little family starting traditions of our own I am beginning to see just how much a tradition is not just something a family does but something that makes a family.

What are your family traditions?

* My Blog Post Series "Strengthening the Family" is based on my personal thoughts from reading the book "25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and How to Avoid Them" by Randal A. Wright

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